2019 Bowman Chrome X: Review

The Good

Cool, innovative way of distributing, buying/selling sports cards. We’re always up for a new to buy/sell, cheaper fees, etc. This offers each. If you’ve ever sold a pair of Jordan Concord 11’s on StockX, you know you’re going to pay less in fees than you would on any other auction platform. Also, from the buyer’s standpoint, you can be rest assured you’re going to get the product you asked for. Although it would be hard not to, considering these cards are already graded.

The 2019 Bowman Chrome Shimmer finish make this card beautiful and stand out in a way only Bowman Chrome products can.

Another great thing about these cards is that there are only 31 of each made, making it super low-print.

The Bad

The StockX Platform for Selling Serial Numbered Sports Cards

While the platform is great for selling shoes, it is not great for selling serial numbered sports cards. For example, let’s take the #48 Pete Alonso card that is in this set that is serial numbered to 31. Pete Alonso’s jersey number is 20, which falls within that range. Let’s face it, the 20/31 serial numbered card is going to sell for way more than the 28/31 card. Even the 01/31 and 31/31 cards could sell for more than the 28/31. The platform doesn’t account for this the way it should, as it’s safe to say that the majority of sneakers, if not all, are not serial numbered and do not have to account for pricing adjustments of any particular serial numbered product.

No Autographs

Looking at the initial IPO prices, I’m seeing outrageous pricing. In fact, the #48 Pete Alonso example from above has an initial lowest asking price of $1,500, and a $300 ask. Sorry, but Pete’s 2016 Bowman Chrome Auto in a PSA 10 is, as of this writing, selling for roughly $500. Why on earth would I pay anywhere even close to that for the #48 Pete Alonso card serial numbered to 31, which is not even autographed.

The Ugly

There truly isn’t anything actually ugly about this product, but this product could cause some ugliness down the road. What happens when the bad items mentioned above only get worse? The future only tells…

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